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Storm in the form of a girl.

22 April
»my name is elana.
»i have three guinea pigs. cocoa, penny and apple.
»i'm a college dropout and it excites me.
»i work at docside veterinarian clinic.
»i <3 the yeah yeah yeahs.
»courtney love CAN sing. i don't care what you say.
»troy garity is hot.
»i like japanese food.
»my best friend is stephanie.
»i'm not ashamed that i love celine dion.
»i drive a dodge shadow.
»i wish i lived in the southwest.
»karen o is insane and i love her.
»i would do top gun tom cruise.
»i have blonde hair.
»i like lying on the beach all day in the summer.
»i love roller coasters.
»i have bungee jumped twice.
»i have a pug named sami. he's cute.
»i love ikea.
»i graduated 5th in my class.
»i love taking pictures.
»i have blue eyes.
»i can parallel park like it's nobody's business.
»i am an aries/taurus cusp.
»i have freckles. i hate them. stephanie likes them.
»i sleep with my tv on.
»i have a fish named sonny and he is 4. he ate cher =(
»i have a three legged cat name wally. he likes to be called rahree kitten.
»i have a parakeet named jade.
»i have too many pets.
»i love animals.
»can you tell?
»marilyn monroe is what beauty is all about.
»i like to bring in stray cats.
»i take long showers.
»when i have to pee really badly i hum jingle bells.
»i like seafood.
»i wish to make sweet sweet love to tommy lee jones during his 'coal miner's daughter' days.
»i have a pink vibrator.
»i look like my mother.
»i enjoy going braless.
»dirty dancing is the best movie ever.
»i still listen to new kids on the block.
»i have a stuffed donkey named clover that i sleep with.
»my father is a captain in the fire department.
»i have an older sister named kelly.
»my name is elana.